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Bagaimana Diana Danielle Keluarkan Keluarga daripada Kemiskinan

“Daddy tinggalkan saya waktu saya empat tahun tanpa sebarang sebab…” — Sebuah catatan menyentuh hati oleh Diana Danielle.



Diana circa 1993

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Dan di bawah ini adalah petikan sebenar luahan perasaan Diana Danielle di Instagramnya...

When Allah takes something away, he often replaces it with something better 😊



He loves what his Babah loves

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Saya Diana Danielle, seorang pelakon, isteri dan ibu kepada dua cahaya mata, my heart and soul, my children. I've appeared on many films, TV shows, hosted programs, been selected to be the ambassador for  many international brands as well as local brands, ever since I was 9 months old I have been in front of the camera.

Five years ago I started my first business venture with my best friend, we started Luxuria Cosmetics, and early this year I launched my cafe Born & Bread and also started Chemad Raya, a kids traditional fashion wear, inspired by my son, Muhammad. 



Time out

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It all seems great, but only Allah knows the journey it took to be where I need and want to be today. I look back and think Ya Allah, your plans are so mysterious, we can only plan but Allah know best what we will receive in life.





People say oh, you're a pretty face, I'm sure it was easy for you in this industry. Again, I've learned since I was a little girl that nothing comes easy in life.

As I flashback, and I think about when my parents separated when I was 2, and how my dad left us and disappeared when I was 4 years old, I used to call out his name night and day wondering what happened to him.

When I was little and when my dad was still around, he used to come by with his Harley motorbike to our little apartment, I would get SO excited when I hear the loud sound of the bike.

Vroooom vrooom, Daddy's here! 




Me 1994 😄

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I remember showing him how I could tie my shoelaces, and I'd sit on his lap and snuggle up to him. Till this day, it's been 20 years since I've seen him, and I still don't know why he went away. It hurt so bad growing up, especially Father's Day, in my school they had the father daughter dance.

What hurt me most was that my Dad is alive but I can't be with him. I cried many nights especially when I was around 9 till 13 years old. The time when daughters needed their fathers most for guidance and love. Maybe I'll never know why he left but I can accept that now. My kids remind me of him every day, and I have his pictures to remind me that I once had a Daddy who loved me. (PART 1) 



My mom... she worked hard for us, we were very well off, she put me in international school, we stayed in a serviced apartment, went on fancy holiday trips, but she probably went through a lot of stress at work that in 2001 she was diagnosed with cancer and underwent treatment for it.

We lost everything. Our home, our friends, our life.

We stayed in people's homes because we couldn't afford rent. My mom recovered but she wasn't fit to work, we had no money at 1 point that we ate 1 ringgit nasi lemak for months.

There was a day we only had half a piece of bread and cold maggi. I didn’t go to school for 2 years (form 2 and 3) and finally told myself this shouldn’t be my life.

I got my acting gig when I was 15, worked day and night and I'd go to school in the mornings. Those were the most tiring years of my life, but we built our life back to where we were.

But people said very mean things about us, and talked about why I didn’t have a dad, said very hurtful things that really affected my mom and she fell ill again and went through depression. I thought she was going to die from the heartache. I wished that my dad was still around and promised to work so hard and become famous that ONE DAY daddy would come back and find me. So I became a workaholic. 

At the tender age of 16 I wanted to have my own children, coz I was so lonely. I wanted my children to experience a father's love. I promised to be independent and able to take care of myself mentally physically and financially. 







BACA DI SINI: “Pengalaman Saya Lahirkan Che Mad dan Aurora Dengan Kaedah ‘Water Birth’ Ibarat Mendaki Gunung Everest." – Diana Danielle

So today I am who I am because of all that's happened. I am able to support my mom and brother, and myself today. I have a loving husband & beautiful children, something only Allah knows I wanted so badly, I have that "fame" and still hold that hope that one day he will meet me and I can hug my Daddy again. 



Already best friends 💕

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I have my team of people running the businesses that I have today and my career as an entertainer. I love my supporters and I love my career. Thank you Allah for the blessings you gave, and for all the things You have taken away because I strongly believe that is what's best for me. I thank everyone who has played a part in helping me reach my dreams, especially mom and dad. (PART 2) 



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Kata Diana Danielle Tentang Ibunya

Sebagai anak tunggal, ada kenangan tertentu dengan emak Diana?

Sesuatu yang baik, sebab saya sangat berdikari dalam umur muda berbanding anak saya. Pada masa sama, saya lihat kekuatan wanita mengendalikan rumah, karier dan menjaga saya. Saya sangat-sangat menghargai itu. Itu kekuatan wanita, dia pikul tanggungjawab macam tak ada apa-apa tapi dia sahaja yang tahu apa yang dia lalui. 

Mama tak suka kongsi kalau dia susah. Dia ajar saya berdikari dan jangan bergantung kepada sesiapa pun. Malah Farid juga cakap beberapa kali, dia kata saya mampu kendalikan semua. Saya bangga kerana Farid boleh nampak hal itu. Kami mampu buat banyak benda, kami boleh menyumbang kepada masyarakat juga. Itu suatu yang bagus supaya anak-anak juga boleh belajar.




Old picture of us cousins sent by my mom 😄

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Apa yang anda takut mengenai ibu anda?

Mama sangat tegas, dia ada banyak pendapat dan dia agak maskulin. Saya rasa ‘terancam’ kerana dia boleh buat semua benda, sangat tegas dan over protective. Memang takut gila dengan mama. Kalau dia mengamuk, carilah lubang cacing mana-mana untuk menyorok (ketawa). Tapi dia bukan jenis ibu yang pukul anak, garangnya di mulut sahaja.

Sikap ibu anda yang anda warisi sekarang?

Saya juga kuat dan ego. Kalau saya nak buat, saya akan buat. Saya ada sikap ego yang terlalu tinggi. Mungkin bukan ego, tetapi hanya mahu buktikan saya boleh buat walaupun sebenarnya tidak (ketawa). Saya selalu, “Yes, I can do it,” walaupun dalam kesusahan, tapi saya akan, “I’m fine, I’m fine!”



#imarriedhimbecause He's super loyal @faridkamilz Rindu, bye. Photographed by: @annaseaskey #throwback

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Ucapan Diana untuk ibu?

Buat ibu dan ibu mentua saya… Anda adalah kekuatan saya, terutamanya selepas saya ada anak sekarang. Tanpa mereka, saya tak tahu bagaimana saya nak membesarkan anak-anak sendiri. Mereka menyokong saya selama ini, memberi nasihat yang baik banyak kali. Suatu yang bagus apabila seorang ibu dapat memberi sokongan kepada ibu yang lain. Wanita patut ingatkan sesama sendiri. Yes, go mothers!



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